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Consignor 101


  This is a quick overview of how this will work.  If you would like to consign - (you have stuff to sell) - you must register online.  You will need access to a computer and a printer.  Once you have registered, you will be assigned a consignor number
and be asked to create a password. 


  After you have registered, you can start to enter your items online.  To do this, you must log into the website and it will ask you for your consignor number and password.  You will come to a page that enables you to enter your items.  Each item you enter will have a tag and a unique barcode assigned to it.  Take one item to consign and enter the information for that item.  You will have to pick the size if applicable, the price you want to sell it for, a brief description, choose if you want it to discount or not for the half-price sale, choose to donate it or not donate if it does not sell, and click enter.  After you finish with this item, enter the next item to 

  Once you have entered all your items, print your tags.  Put card stock paper into the printer (white or pastel color) and click “print tags”.*All items marked to be donated must be on white tags***   (See How to print tags for more detailed info)  Your tags will come out with an assigned barcode and the other info you keyed in.  Cut your tags and place on the appropriate items.  All clothing items must be on hangers.  When you are done, make sure the tags are secure
and on the correct items.  Sort by gender and size.  The next step will be drop off.  

**After Tuesday night at 12:00 Am night, at midnight, you will still be able to print out tags.  But you will not be able to enter any new items at this time.  

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