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Unacceptable Items


We will pull any items that we feel do not meet our standards.  We will ask you to take them back or return them to your box by pick-up.  We will not accept  clothing or equipment in the following condition: Items with holes, missing pieces or buttons, stains, dirty smells to include smoke, pet hair, yard debris, items showing wear, broken parts, not batteries.  Items that have been recalled can not be sold.  Clothes must be on hangers.
We do not allow the following:
No adult sizes except maternity  **And clothing for teenagers
No clothing that is bagged or folded- must be on a hanger
(Except onesies and baby items such as hats and socks
No toys without batteries.  
No violent games - only E ratings 
No R rated videos or DVD’s - This is a children’s sale.
No Dvd’s or VHS tapes without the original cover.
No appliances.  
No drop- side cribs.  Many have been recalled.  If you are unsure of a crib, check here
No mattresses, unless brand new.  NC Law - check here
No swimsuits or Easter (spring colors) for the Fall/Winter sale
No recalled or lead- based items .  This is the responsibility of the consignor.  If you are unsure , you can check

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