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How To Print Tags

Please print barcode labels on both White AND Pastel Colored Card Stock  This will help us sort more quickly at the end of the sale.

  • White card stock = give item to charity if unsold

  • Pastel colored card stock = I will pick item up if unsold

  • Please note that grey/ivory/off-white/beige cardstock  is always considered to be White and unsold items could be donated. Do not use off-white/beige card stock if you wish to pick up unsold items.


Printing Tips 


  • CARD STOCK paper must be used. (Copy paper is too thin and will not be accepted.)  We recommend 60-67 lb. card stock

  • Card stock is available @ Wal-Mart or office store and prints in your home printer. 

  • Please do not use red card stock – computer scanners do not like the red background.

  • Please do not use dark card stock colors that are hard to read text and pricing.

  • White card stock = items to go to charity

  • Pastel (light colors) card stock = pick up unsold items

  • NO bright or bold colored card stock 

  • Barcodes should be all one size, and without any spaces in the middle. If your barcode prints in two different sizes or with a space in the middle, please do not use them and contact us Some photo printers try to print your tags as photos and this causes the barcode to print distorted, and unusable.

  • Be sure that you have enough ink to print as the bar codes will not scan correctly with low ink

  • Place masking or packing tape with your consignor number and price on the bottom of each large item in addition to the tag. Please DO NOT put a duplicate tag on the item.

  • Do not use: ''''''''''' lllllllll Barcodes should look like this: lllllllllllllll

  • Please DO NOT BOLD your barcodes. The scanners do not easily read barcodes printed in BOLD.

  • When using tape, please do not tape over the barcode or consignor number on the tag. The item will not scan if there is tape over the barcode and consignor numbers must be visible for items to be sold.

Printing Tags


To Print Tags


1. Go to our website and click Consignor Login.


2. Enter your consignor # and password to log in.


3. On the left

4. Select all the tags that have yes in the donate column, then click print selected
   tags and print these on white
handside, click “Work with Consigned Inventory.”card stock.

* A new option has been added for printing tags. By selecting Print All Tags as PDF,

   will eliminate the need to change margins when printing tags.

5. If you have items to pick up aftersale, add pastel  card stock to printer and click
   print all unprinted tags

6. Tags are printed 10 per page. Then cut out the tags and attach them to your   


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