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  • Consignors receive 55% of the sale price of their items.

  • Consignors who volunteer for 1 shift during the sale receive 65% of the sale of their items AND 1 pass to the Silver Pre-sale.

  • Consignors who volunteer for 2 or more shifts during the sale receive 70% of the sale of their items AND 1 pass to the exclusive Gold Pre-sale.

  • A $3.00 consignor fee is no longer being subtracted from your check.

  • You will need access to a computer, printer, and card stock to participate.

  • You must register online and follow our guidelines to participate.

  • If you are a returning consignor, log into Consignor Log-in

  • Stained / torn/ out of season clothing, recalled items and broken toys will not be displayed for sale. 

  • Please make sure all parts are included and DVD's and CD's are in the case.  

  • You will no longer be able to put in new items after midnight on Tuesday March 12th.

  • Cutoff time for Volunteer Registration is March 6th to cancel a volunteer shift or to sign up online yourself to volunteer.   

Important Consignor Dates:

*Tuesday March 12th-- Midnight-Deadline for registration and entering items. 

*Tuesday, March 12th-   -- From 9:00am-11:00am, 5:00pm-8:00pm  - Drop-Off  times
*Wednesday, March 13th  --Volunteers will be notified on times - Consignor Private   Pre-Sale

*Thursday, March 14th    -- 8am - 12pm - Shopping open to Public 

*Thursday, Thursday, March 14th--5pm-7pm  - Shopping open to Public 

*Friday, March 15th  -- 8:00am -12pm   
*Friday, March 15th-- 5pm-7pm   - Shopping open to Public
*Saturday, March 19th-  9:00am-12pm      - Shopping Open to Public
*Please drop off items at the Friedberg Family Life Center during your assigned time on Tuesday, March 12th.  Times available between 9am-11am and 5pm-8:00pm.


  • We are no longer requiring an envelope, self- addressed and a stamp.


  • You must leave a large plastic tote or large box for sorting items that do not sell.  

You will be directed to an available inspector, who will review your consignor items.  If an inspector is not available right away, then you may be asked to wait a few minutes.  The volunteer will screen your items for:
*Clothes with stains, tears, holes, excessive wear, excessive smells, etc.
*Toys and other equipment for missing pieces, old items that are not acceptable, proper packaging. 
*All items must be in working condition WITH BATTERIES!!

** Double check DVD's and CD's are included.
**We reserve the right to reject any items during the check-in process. Additional items may be pulled over the sale weekend.
*It is IMPERATIVE that consignors pre-screen their items and check for any recalled items. 
   Our needs during a sale change all the time, so try to be flexible and give help when we need it!

  • If you have lots of items- leave the kids at home unless they are of the age and temperament to help.

  • Please allot 30 minutes for screening and delivering to the floor; if you have more than 100 items, it may take longer.

  • Please remember to presort all clothing and shoes by size and gender.  Try to have everything else sorted by the category you are bringing it in. 


Preview Sale :  
***Gold Sale:  Reserved for participants who volunteer at least two shifts during the sale.   One of the shifts must be worked during any of the
Thursday, Friday or Saturday sale times.   Volunteer slots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Payment required at time of preview sale. 
Silver Sale:  Reserved for participant who volunteer at least one volunteer shift for the sale.  Payment required at time of preview sale. 
** All volunteers must work the full shift as scheduled to qualify for Gold or Silver preview sale.  If your shift(s) are after the sale and you do not show up as scheduled, you will forfeit your right to shop the next season’s sale. 
Half-Price Sale:  
The half-price sale will be held on Saturday, March 16th from 9:00am - 12pm, all day.  If you do not want your items to be sold at half-price, please make sure the star is not on your tag. 
A (red) star indicates the item should be discounted.  

If you are picking up items after the sale, please do so on Saturday, March 16th at 3:00pm. 
 Items will NOT be released for pick-up before 3pm.  All items left after 3:30 will be donated to the charity of our choice.  Everyone must check in before they can pick up items that did not sell.  We would also recommend you check all your items before you leave that day to make sure it is only your stuff you are taking. 

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